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Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Free PDF Book

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Free PDF ebook for Download

Daniel Defoe's enthralling story-telling and imaginatively detailed descriptions have ensured that his fiction masquerading as fact remains one of the most famous stories in English literature. On one level a simple adventure story, the novel also raises profound questions about moral and spiritual values, society, and man's abiding acquisitiveness. This new edition includes a scintillating Introduction and notes that illuminate the historical context.

About the author:

Daniel Defoe, British novelist and writer, born in 1660 and died in 1731, he loved to travel a lot, so he traveled to all European countries, then returned to his country, he worked as a businessman for a short period, but he failed to invest his money and lost it, then after that He became politically inclined, so he wrote many articles about the parties in which he believed and supported them. He had multiple political affiliations, after which he was imprisoned more than five times.

He is best known for writing his first novel, "Robinson Crusoe", which was a resounding success. He continued to write novels, perhaps the most famous of which are Captain Singleton's novel, and Moll of Flanders.

Robinson Crusoe, a novel by the English writer Daniel Defoe, first published in 1719, is a fictional autobiographical novel, the first of its kind in the English language. The novel revolves around the dream of many young people to live away from injustice The world, and staying in the arms of nature, which is better than the unjust world that falls on man. The novel also talks about the extent of urbanization and progress reached by the European peoples, which gives the novel more realistic.

Event summary:

Robinson Crusoe, a young Englishman, takes a sea voyage in September 1651, despite his parents' opposition. The ship was heading to Brazil, so Crusoe resides there and becomes the owner of a farm that the ship's captain had helped him own.

During Crusoe's stay in Brazil, he joined an expedition that brought slaves from Africa, but during one of the voyages in 1659 he drowned after a storm about forty miles into the sea from the entrance to the Oranoco River. Drowning, so he can bring the necessary weapons and tools for the ship to save it from sinking and crashing, so he builds a cave for himself to be surrounded by a wall, and makes himself a calendar by cutting wood. He raises goats, and prays to thank God for the blessing of living in this place away from society in complete calm among the natural nature.

But living on the island is not so easy, as Crusoe faces many obstacles, perhaps the most important of which is a group of cannibals who come to the island from time to time to kill the prisoners and eat them. He tried to plan to kill them, but he realized that he had no right to attack or kill them as long as they did not take the initiative. They are in that, but he dreamed of capturing one or two servants by liberating some prisoners, and he was indeed able to free a prisoner with his help to escape, so he made him a companion for him whom he called “Friday” because he appeared on this day of the week, taught him the English language and made him embrace Christianity.

Days pass and another group of indigenous people arrives on the island, but Crusoe, with the help of his friend Juma, was able to kill the majority of them and keep two of them, Juma’s father and another Spanish man. The Spanish man tells Crusoe that there is a group of Spaniards who drowned in the sea are already on this island, so they begin Planning for the return of the Spaniards to the island, where they build a ship to sail to the port of Spain, and along the way, an English ship appears controlling the Spanish ship, and Crusoe and the captain of the ship can return and head to England, and Crusoe leaves the island in 1686 to move to Portugal to search for his friend, the captain who took care of his farm In Brazil well, Crusoe returns to England again by traveling overland to avoid the sea accidents that occur, by passing through Spain and France, and upon his arrival in the Pyrenees in the winter they are subjected to a brutal attack by wolves, Crusoe decides to leave his farm and leave his money with his girlfriend who is a His mother, and after the passage of years he marries and his wife dies, he returns again to the island to complete the rest of his life, but this time alone without his servant Juma who returned with Wal This is to his tribe.




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Appendix I: Frontispiece and Preface to Serious

Reflections During the Life and Surprising Adventures

of Robinson Crusoe (1720) 

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Info About The Book:

Year:           2009

Edition:      Reissue

Publisher:  Oxford University Press, USA

Language: English

Pages:       362

Series:      Oxford World's Classics

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