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The Pistachio Theory by Fahad Amer Al-Ahmadi

 The Pistachio Theory by Fahad Amer Al-Ahmadi

The Pistachio Theory book by the Saudi writer and journalist Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi, as this book deals with many topics related to human ways of thinking and how to develop them, in addition to some important tips that help with self-understanding. Below we will shed light on the most important ideas mentioned in the book The Pistachio Theory.

The Pistachio Theory is one of the most important self-development books written by the Saudi journalist and writer Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi. It contains more than 60 articles that were unique articles, and the writer transformed them into an integrated book because they are related to each other, and every article you find is complementary to the first article. This book is as contained. Its title will change the way you think and judge things.

In this interesting article, we will provide you with a summary of the book The Theory of Pistachios, so that you know the contents of the topics that the author mentioned briefly.

Amer Al-Ahmadi mentioned to us in the introduction that every human being consists of three basic elements that cannot be identical between another person, which is a psychological, cultural and genetic mix, and each person must discover all those points that distinguish him from others. He says that the function of this book is to explore the internal motivation of the human being before his development of himself and moving to what is external.

What is your life plan?

The first topic with which the writer opened his book is setting your plan in life. A successful person before he reaches the level he has reached now has set future goals for him with developing an implementation plan that helps him reach his goals, on the other hand, we find that a group of people do not set any goal for them and so on. They are lost, not knowing where they are going, and of course they will achieve nothing in their lives. Never just set up wishes, but set a goal with a clear and specific action plan.

Do you really know yourself?

Be interested in knowing yourself and forget about you others, discover your abilities and qualifications that are distinguished by them, which you can use in sharing them with others and converting them into a value that solves the problems of others, do not waste your time in comparison and looking at what others have, knowing that you also carry things inside you that are unique to you. Anyone.

You will achieve it if you dream about it:

If you dream during sleep, you also have to dream while you are awake, you have to put something specific in your mind that you want to reach, so how will you achieve some success that does not occupy your thinking and when you dream I dream about something big, when you have great dreams and aspirations, even if you do not achieve them, you will reach a part of them, but If you have simple and ordinary dreams, you will not fulfill them or make trivial achievements

Good thinking:

Do not judge others based on people's opinions about them, and do not think anything about a particular person because he will treat you in the same way that you looked at him or by your judgment on him, always you must have a positive prophecy about others and inevitably our opinions about that are responsible for his behavior towards us because the prophecy will be fulfilled.

There is a close relationship between the mental image that we build on ourselves and our actions and our actions because you are an exact replica of what you see yourself and what you imagine yourself in your mind, make you a positive image about yourself to show this in your external world and your actions with others

Cancel the negatives before adding the positives:

Trying to eliminate negative things from your life is much more important than introducing positivity to them and at the same time preserving those negatives, when you decide to change and develop from your thoughts and from yourself to the better, start getting rid of those destructive thoughts from your brain and then insert new positive thoughts in their place.

Don't waste your energy:

If you are exposed to any provocation from a specific person, ignoring here is the most wonderful art that you can master because it is the only means that will save you from entering into something negative and no one will say about you that you are a coward because this is an act worth noting, and you should also do with violent discussions or prejudice to opinions, ideas and defense about her.

Habit force:

Habit is the basis of all successes in the world, because success is related to continuity, so you are the only person who can determine whether he will fail or succeed and not someone else. If you are interested in setting positive daily habits and continue them on a daily basis, no matter how simple, then the reason for your success will be the opposite. Your destiny is failure inevitably, as success is not related to your effort, but to create a simple habit that continues.

Also, we find the writer is very interested in communicating with others because it is important to know how others think after you have changed your way of thinking and your negative habits because this is the only way that you will avoid prejudices about others and the wrong ideas that are said about them.

Upgrade your skills:

The best profession in the world is your talent or skill that you master with great love for it, because if you love what you do, then your success rate will be greater than anyone else, each of us has a talent within him that distinguishes it from others and no one will discover it except you, go back to childhood Remember what they used to say you were good at and find out what you never tire of doing.

The difference between the manager and the leader is that the first organizes the caravan only and the others are tasked with taking over the road, while the leader is that person who combines the task of organizing and managing with assuming the task of running the caravan and advancing on others to follow what he is doing.

Help people and do good:

The services you provide to people determine your value in this life, the better your service serves others, the higher your value

There is an important focus within the book in which the author mentioned to us a group of things that we will regret not doing in our life, all of which are necessary things that we have to pay attention to, for example choosing the right life partner, spending time with the family, whether your children or your parents, caring for your continuous development, taking care of the family in a way. It is enough, caring for your relationships with others, serving people in the form of a certain value, not paying attention only to material matters, and forgetting the psychological, spiritual and moral side.

Your personal convictions are not sacred:

Your personal convictions are never sacred thoughts, so human by nature is a mistake. Therefore, do not impose your opinions on others and claim the validity of your ideologies. Perhaps your opinions will change later and regret, and unfortunately regret does not work in any area of ​​life. Continue to search and verify your thoughts.


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