Top 10 Money Books To Read

If you are still struggling with your financial crises and are not yet earning the income that meets your ambitionsthen you undoubtedly need to develop that part of your money awareness. And books on financial education are full of ideasexperiences and experiences that will undoubtedly help you develop your financial awareness and build an entrepreneurial culture.


Here are the top 10 books on financial literacy and financial intelligence: 

1: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich dad poor dad  is one of the best financial books successful people read. This book shows the difference between the rich man and the poor man and the decisions that define each of them.


2: Think And Grow Rich  

Without a doubt, everyone should read this book in order to improve their lives and positive thinking. It was first published in 1937 and and it is considered one of the most successful books. 

3: The Richest Man in Babylon 

It teaches you the correct behaviors and basics of handling money. The advice provided by George Clarison in this book is simple, easy, and offers a fresh look at finances. 

4: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant 

It contains useful advice for those who wish to move from the employee to the investor and businessman category, and it is a product of the experience that Robert Kiyosaki derived from his friend's father or as he called him (the rich father) who was from the investor category. 


5:Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

This book provides the reader with the missing link between his desire for success and its achievement. T. Harv Ecker The main reasons for full and medium success or financial failure .. This book teaches you how to master the game of getting rich. 

6: The Millionaire Next Door 

The authors of this book, Thomas Stanley and William Danko, interviewed a number of wealthy people in order to find a common denominator between them. They discovered that wealthy people often budget their expenses, live to less than their means, and let their children achieve success independently. 


7: MONEY Master the Game 

In plain language Anthony Robbins simplified the most complex financial concepts and provided his readers with 7 simple steps to achieving financial freedom. A book for people of all income levels, it tells them the steps through which they can become financially free by dispelling myths and simplifying the challenges that prevent many people from achieving wealth. 


8: The Total Money Makeover 

Everyone who listens to Dave Ramsey understands his sound philosophy: Avoid buying on debt, pay cash as much as possible, get rid of debt and set up an emergency fund. It provides direct advice to everyone. 


9: The Intelligent Investor 

This book is by Benjamin Graham in 1949. It stresses the importance of analyzing financing and getting to know your investments well. It will also teach you how to keep emotions out of investing. 


10: Rules of Wealth 

Richard Tumblr gives you advice on making you wealthier, and reveals ways to achieve and grow wealth. This book is considered an indispensable self-guide for guidance in financial matters. 

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