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Rich Dad and Poor Dad Book  

The book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” is one of the most successful works of the American writer Robert Kiyosaki, as the book deals with the importance of financial independence and wealth building, providing many effective and successful solutions and suggestions for that, until you reach the stage of financial independence and start to form your own wealth and develop your financial intelligence And your business sense. 

About Robert Kiyosaki: 

Robert Kiyosaki was born on the 4th of April 1947, on the island of Hawaii in the United States of America. And the origins of the writer Robert Kiyosaki are in Japan, where his father, Gulf Ash Kyozaki, was a teacher, and he also participated in the Vietnam War with the US Marines. Robert Kiyosaki's family was a middle-class family, and Kiyosaki made his way, relying on himself and his skills, to start the thousand-mile journey with the first step on the ladder of success. After that, Robert began to invest his money little by little, and immersed himself in the world of commerce and money until he was able to be wealth from scratch. 


But Robert Kiyosaki lost all his fortune, since the world of commerce was unstable, but this did not disappoint him, but rather strengthened his resolve, as Robert founded a group of investment companies from scratch, so he succeeded in creating a great fortune again and was able to rise to the top And he becomes one of the successful and well-known businessmen in USA. After this fickle and successful journey in the life of Robert Kiyosaki, he decided to sell his group of companies and devote himself to work as a writer and international lecturer, and people benefit from his experience in the world of finance and investment, to write his name in golden letters in the book of successful investors who rose from the bottom to the top. 


Ten Chapitres in the Book:


Chapitre 1: Rich Dad  Poor Dad 

In this chapter, Robert Kiyosaki talks about his childhood and describes two types of parents, the rich father and the poor father. Robert had a best friend and best friend named Mike and his father was very wealthy, while Robert's father was a middle-income college professor. The rich father of his friend Mike advised his son to preserve the family’s wealth and develop it to continue living in prosperity, while Robert’s father advised him to study and get a job that would guarantee him a stable income and protect him from the evil of poverty. 


Chapter 2: The Rich Don't Work for Money 

In this chapter, Robert talks about the importance of taking risks in making money and getting to the top. Some parents teach their children and advise them to get a stable job and a stable income, which is the safe option for them, but in return they waste many opportunities in their lives and will not gain any wealth, in return the rich take risks and teach their children how important they are, and in the end money is He is the one who seeks after the rich without much fatigue, while the poor spend his whole life chasing after money. 


Chapter 3: Financial Education 

In this chapter, Robert focuses on the importance of distinguishing between assets and liabilities, as he touches on the importance of having a broad financial culture. Because without it, even if you are rich, you will lose money because of bad decisions, so it is important to develop your culture and cultivate your financial knowledge. 


Chapter 4: Take care of your own business and manage yourself well 

In Chapter Four, Kiyosaki touched on the difference between employment and self-employment, highlighting the importance of owning a free and independent business that you focus on and care for its development, instead of working for others and developing their projects for your effort, in exchange for a monthly salary that does not increase or grow. 


Chapter 5: The History of Taxes and Corporate Power 

Kiyosaki talks here about how big companies manipulate the poor or employees with regard to taxes and how to pressure them, while the rich and the rich say that they are wooing these companies and using it to their advantage and developing their investments through these companies. 

Chapter 6: The Rich Attract Money 

Kiyosaki talks about the importance of using talent and taking risks and taking risks to bring in money, instead of fear of failure and taking risks and thus staying in the same place without making any progress. This is what the rich do who take risks and thus develop their wealth and attract money to them like a magnet. 


Chapter 7: Importance of Marketing and Selling 

In this section, Kiyosaki describes the importance of selling and marketing and how to manage cash flow to bring in more money by developing mind and knowledge and learning more every day, so whoever is not proficient in selling and marketing will not increase his money 


Chapter 8: Overcoming obstacles and difficulties 

The author talks about the biggest obstacles that stand against success, such as laziness, vanity, fear, lack of seriousness and pessimism. Therefore, it is important to overcome these obstacles to success in order to facilitate your path towards reaching the desired goal. 


Chapter 9: Do not postpone today's work until tomorrow 

The writer says that if you are thinking of creating wealth, you should motivate yourself, start working immediately and try to learn every day, highlighting the importance of surrounding you with positive people, choosing friends with complete care, determination and absolute self-belief, and that you will succeed sooner or later. 

Chapter 10: Think of More Solutions 

In the last chapter, the author touched upon encouraging people to search for new and innovative solutions and ideas, and try to learn from the stories of successful people, benefit from them, be determined, and learn more every day with passion. 


Advice from Rich Dad and Poor Dad's book: 

* Adventure and risk are necessary and it is the basis of success. The poor work on the principle of safety and non-adventure, so their lives do not change 


* You should take advantage of opportunities knocking on your door, as some opportunities come once in a lifetime 


* The poor are keen on educating their children and advising them to get a job and earn a stable income, which is what Kiyosaki considers wrong, and he called it the mouse maze. 


* Rich people do not work for money, it is not their ultimate goal, but money is attracted to them in one way or another 


* In the world of money there is no such thing as luck, but rather there is determination, persistence, learning, repeated attempt and self-improvement. 

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